Powerful, State-of-the-Art Video

The Seth Dichard Golf Schools utilize The V1 Pro Digital Coaching System, the #1 video analysis system in sports.

The V1 Pro Digital Coaching System provides students access to the same video analysis tools the pros use, while increasing the effectiveness of instruction. By capturing video, the V1 Pro provides a clear understanding of your golf swing so you can improve not only your swing, but your overall game!

The Seth Dichard Golf School's top-notch knowledge and techniques, coupled with the V1 Pro Digital Coaching System, will help you get the most out of your golf instruction. You'll have powerful tools to get yourself on a direct path for improvement and performance!


Capture. Compare. Improve.

Visualization is key to improvement. The V1 Pro makes it possible to show you exactly what is happening in your golf swing, giving you instant feedback and creating performance benchmarks to monitor your progress. The Seth Dichard Golf Schools can capture your golf swing at over 300 frames per second - giving your precise, crystal clear images throughout playback. Click Here to view a comparison video.

All of our private and semi-private sessions include the use of The V1 Pro Digital Coaching System.

  • High-resolution capture and playback of your Golf Swing
  • Twice the frame rate as traditional video
  • Synchronize swings in slow motion
  • View split screen comparisons of your swing or next to a PGA/LPGA Tour models or players
  • Ability to "slide" a frame in all directions to best line up swings for comparison
  • "Zoom" Features increase the size of golfers for comparison
  • Student Management System provides a history of students' swing and adjustments made

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