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The Seth Dichard Golf School is proud to have many students of the game. Below are a few of their kind words and testimonials about our school and our instructors! Please choose and click on an instructor's name for testimonials. If you're a student, please feel free to submit a testimonial below too!

Seth Dichard - Founder & Director of Instruction
"I started working with Seth around thanksgiving because I was very unhappy with my game. I was not hitting the ball solid and was always hitting a hook; Seth completely stopped that and got me hitting a fade. When I first started we sat down and talked about where I wanted to swing to go, what my goals were. That really impressed me because other instructors I went to told me what they were going to do, and I did not feel like I had a say in the matter, but with Seth it was a collaboration. I did not play well in the fall season of my freshman year in college so I was looking for a new instructor. After taking a winter full of lessons and living at the range hitting balls with my camera i started to play well, working my way to number one on the traveling squad in the spring. Seth also helped me decide to transfer south to compete with stronger competition, to help with my game. I am transferring at the end of the summer to compete in Florida. When I started with Seth I was the worst 10 handicap you ever could meet, now i feel like I can play at a scratch, and my handicap is steadily declining...I'm a 4 now. I owe everything to Seth, because with out my swing change and some short game lessons I would not have been able to compete as well in the spring or be able to transfer. I plan to continue with Seth through out the summer and when I come back for breaks. He is even going to meet with my new college coach to get him on the same page with my swing and where we want it to go! Seth is by far the greatest swing coach I have ever had and do not plan on going anywhere else for lessons!"

- Daniel Hinckley
"I would like to thank you very much for how helpful my lesson was today. I have never hit the ball so well and have never had such short term success like this. I just thought you should know that your teaching is extremely effective."

- Tyler Stahle
"If your looking for someone to construct a consistent swing with you, or get one of your kids up to a competitive, even collegiate level, this is the place to come. I picked up the game the summer before my sophomore year of High School and started working with Seth about 6 months later, after testing out a few other coaches around the area. Immediately I realized it was the right fit, seeing as he is extremely enthusiatic about what he does and has all the tools to make you a better golfer. Immediately I saw results, cosistantly competing for the top spot on the Westford Academy golf team. I worked with Seth for about a year and a half before I was a consistent, low single digit handicap, raising my game to a collegiate level. I was unfortunate to suffer from a serious lower back injury that set me back over a year, but I was able to come back and work with Seth a few more times and make the Umass Lowell Golf Team. He helped me reach my dream and I know he can do the same for you. If your serious about your game and want to make it to that collegiate level, win your club champiosnhip, or even compete with your friends and take their money, this is the place to come."

- Andrew Hoch
"I have been working with Seth ever since I had major hip surgery over 5 years ago. My body was going through significant changes and I no longer could depend on athletic ability alone. My handicap was in the high teens and I never really understood the science of the golf swing. Seth designed a custom plan for me to help me through the physical changes and at the same time implemented a process that finally gave me the foundation that I needed. My handicap in nearing single digits, my swing has evolved as I regained my flexibility, and the game of golf is more enjoyable than at any time in my life. I have a swing coach for life. Thanks Seth!"

- Mark E Romano
"Results. If this is what you are looking for from a Golf instructor, you have found the right guy in Seth Dichard. I started working with Seth in '09. I came to him a 28 index with a back destroyed from improper swing mechanics. Within 1 year I was a 17; two, a 9, and the back feels great.

Seth will not only teach you the proper way to swing the club and make good contact, he will spend time with you explaining why the steps he is taking to change your swing are necessary. Using a good mixture of video analysis and tireless patience, Seth will work with you to build up your swing. He works hard at not overloading you with too much information, dishing out the advice in manageable pieces.

Not only has my swing improved dramatically, I have been taught to understand the ëhows and whysí of the golf swing. This has lead to better practice sessions and easier adjustments when things start to go wrong. When people stop you at the range to ask for advice, it feels good being able to talk them through your swing mechanics.

Be prepared to work. Be prepared to practice. Seth wants you to get better as much, if not more, than you do. In his own way, Seth will push you to lock in the lessons that he gives you. He isnít going to sugar coat things if this isnít happening. This is what makes Seth more than just a teacher of the game. He will be your coach.

I guarantee that if you go see Seth, your golf game will improve. So stop reading and sign up."

- Mike Ostman
"The way Seth personalizes each lesson to fit an individuals swing is the best I have seen. He puts a lot of time and effort into making sure you understand your golf swing.

Since working with Seth for the past five years I have improved my ball striking gaining distance and accuracy. My short game has also improved dramatically.

Seth truly puts his heart and soul into every lesson he gives. He is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that his students succeed in every aspect of the game.

Seth is never done learning about teaching the game of golf. He is always researching new ways to help his students succeed in the game of golf. Whether it has to do with your long game, short game, putting or your mental game, Seth has the knowledge and the resources to help everyone improve.

Seth's knowledge of the game helps me understand my swing and swing thoughts. If an idea does not "click", he is always there to explain the same concept in a different way. "

- Tracy Martin
"I have worked with Seth for around a year and a half. Within that time I have achieved many goals for golf. I played varsity golf as the number one player for Nashua High School North. I also placed 4th in the State in the NHAA Division 1 Tournament and was awarded 2010 Player of the Year by the Nashua Telegraph. Next year I am going to Methodist University to study Professional Golf Management. Seth was also very instrumental in helping me pass my PAT (Player Ability Test) which I need to graduate for college to get certified by the PGA. Before I came to Seth my swing was homemade and inconsistent. He knew drills and key changes in my swing that have made me a more consistent golfer. I would not have accomplished all these things the past year and half without Seth's help and encouragement."

- Brent Christiansen
"I have been working with Seth for six years now. When I first met him I was just a nine year old wanting to improve my game. Since that first day I had my lesson, I have been playing better every year especially improving my competitive scores. I would not be as good as I am now without Seth's help.

When I began working with Seth my fundamentals were poor. I did not have proper knee flex, my left foot would rise to early in my swing and I would move my head too much in my swing. All those problems were fixed quickly and my fundamentals improved.

As I have grown and become stronger, Seth has made changes in my swing to make it more fundamental and easily repeated under tournament pressure. Seth's hands on teaching and the use of video, allowed me to see my swing flaws and how to correct them.

Seth is a great teacher and I recommend him highly. Seth teaches the game in a way that is easy to understand. When he shows me what is wrong in my swing I learn what it is and how it feels. Then I learn how to fix the problem which is extremely important in competitive rounds. Seth provides easy to understand swing thoughts and drills that I can take to the practice range

I always enjoy going to my lessons. Each lesson with Seth makes me a better golfer and more fundamentally sound. My dream is to play collegiate golf and eventually play professionally. However, if this does not happen, I would like to be a teaching professional and teach with the same passion, enthusiasm, and love of the game as Seth."

- Christopher Gentle
"I have worked with Seth for nearly two years and since then my game has improved immensely. I went on to playing high school varsity golf for Bishop Guertin and recently earned medalist honors at several high school matches. I am currently a 5 handicap and couldn't have done it without his help. Now I'm hoping to be able to play collegiate golf, which is something that i feel is very possible thanks to Seth."

- Gabe Sadowsky
"When I started going to Seth 4 years ago, I was not playing very good at all. My interest in golf was not really high. But once I started going to Seth every aspect of my game improved. From off the tee to the green I was hitting the ball great. I now hit a lot of solid shots rather than shanks or skulls. Before I went to Seth my scores for nine holes where in the high 50`s to low 60`s and now after all of the hard work and practice I can shoot in the low to mid 40`s. Thanks to Seth, I have a lot more fun on the golf course with a lot less frustration."

- Kevin Scott
"When I first started golf instruction with Seth Dichard a few years ago, I had just started playing the game at the age of 45. I was struggling to break 100 and golf was not very much fun. Within a few short years of continuous lessons and practice I am now a 20 Handicap and can really enjoy the game now. I ended up winning the Jacket at our Family Golf Tournament last year, which is not bad considering the year before I came in last place. As a professional, Seth knows the game which he masterfully applies to his instruction. Taking lessons from Seth enabled me to improve my game, raise my confidence, and lower my handicap. I now have a chance at a respectable score and a much more enjoyable time on the golf course. Thanks to Seth, golf is fun again and I have gained extensive knowledge about the golf swing, short game and mental game."

- Jeffrey A McCommas
"I began taking golf lessons with Seth this past March in hopes of bringing my game to a higher level of consistency. The first thing that caught my attention was the depth of golf swing knowledge that Seth brings to the table and his 100% committment to help each student individually. He does not apply generic solutions or band-aids. Another trait of his teaching is his ability to clearly explain what he sees, what his thought processes are on fixing it, why certain changes should be made, and can select practice drills specific to each person that will best allow them to accomplish the change. Over the course of about 7 months I have been able to accomplish many swing changes I have been striving for for years under his guidance and advice, and look forward to continuing the progression. Lastly I will say that Seth is willing to do whatever he can to help his students achieve the goals they have for their golf game, and genuinely enjoys doing it."

- Decarlo Rodriguez
"Seth has a keen eye for swing flaws even when they are subtle. He has this phenomenal ability to break down the swing and convey what I need to change for me to improve. Through his unique teaching methods, I absorb the information and the knowledge stays with me. As a result, I understand the swing like never before and my swing and game have improved tremendously. Seth, thank you!"

- Diane Muisez
"I have been taking lessons from Seth for 1 1/2 years and there has been a marked improvement in my ball striking and putting ability. He has tailored his instruction to fit my body structure and limitations and now I hit the ball longer with fewer off line shots. He is dedicated to finding specific solutions to an individual's physical abilities and will not teach a canned generic swing. I can now also analyze my own poor shots and often make real time corrections on the course."

- Bill Schoendorf
"I started working with Seth in May of 2009 after a 15 year hiatus from golf. From the beginning, his knowledge of the golf swing coupled with his real-time video analysis gave me a clear understanding of where I was and what needed to change to get me where I wanted to be. I'm so pleased with the progress we made during my first summer with him that I've decided to continue my lessons indoors!"

- Mike Wesson

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Eric Leith - PGA, Lead Staff Instructor
"I just wanted to thank all of the Staff at Seth Dichard Golf School for there help ( especially Eric) The 6 class instruction went by fast . I feel at least now I have some basics of how to practice correctly and understand the swing concept a lot better. Eric has shown me from ground up the proper fundamentals that were needed to help me enjoy the game again. Now its my turn to go and apply them."

- David Landry
"I went to Eric in July totally frustrated with my drive (and my fairway game was no bargain but didn't matter much because I was never in it). In my few rounds prior to seeing Eric for the first time I was averaging hitting 2 fairways per round off the tee, my misses were "army misses"...right, left, right, left, etc.. After four lessons, and in my last couple rounds, I am in double digit fairways off the tee and my irons have been incredibly crisp. People who I only play with once or twice a year are wondering where I "picked up my game", I'm a totally different is fun again. Eric has a great teaching style. I have had lessons four different times over the last 20 years, to no avail...I wish I had found Eric sooner. Next up....short game:)"

- Kevin McCarthy
"My name is Tom Mathews. I am sixty two years old and I have been taking lessons from your instructor Eric Leith for the past month or so. I am so pleased with my progress that I had to send you this email to let you know how much I appreciate your school and in particular your instructor Eric. I have had lessons before but have not learned anywhere near as much as I have from Eric. His attention to detail is impressive and his positive attitude is infectious. It's fun to play golf again and I look forward to my practice sessions at the range because of the progress I am experiencing from my lessons with Eric. He is a credit to your organization."

- Tom Mathews
"I started with Eric s few months ago and have shaved fifteen strokes after six lessons. I couldn't be happier with the progress he's helped me make. Eric has a unique ability to breakdown the game into a few key fundamental movements. I've developed a simple, repeatable swing that creates the trajectory I'm looking for and feels reliable and effortless. I'm psyched to be working with Eric and looking forward to many more lessons!"

- Alex Galperin

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Ben Derrick - Staff Instructor

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