Our Students

We believe our students speak for themselves. Some have achieved the highest standards and have made golf their full-time profession, and others strive to make continued improvements in their game. The Seth Dichard Golf School treats all of our students with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. See below to find out more about our students.


Alison Walshe

" Seth and I have worked together for approximately ten years. I owe him so much for all the success he has brought me. I first approached Seth as an average junior golfer with ambitions to improve. My ambitions soon changed when I improved significantly as a player under his instruction. Today, I am playing professionally on both the LPGA and European LPGA Tours... "

Tracy Martin

" The way Seth personalizes each lesson to fit an individual's swing is the best I have seen. He puts a lot of time and effort into making sure you understand your golf swing. Since working with Seth for the past eight years I have improved my ball striking gaining distance and accuracy... "

Peter Reilly

" Working with Seth over the past two years has improved my swing, given me more confidence and improved competitive results. I am now looking forward to playing collegiate golf, and I recommend Seth very highly, just as he was recommended to me. He knows what he is doing and how to teach it, and most importantly, it works... "

Jimmy Walmsley

" Seth and I have been working on my golf swing for the past year and a half. I was ten and Seth changed my entire swing so now I actually have a real golf swing that can carry me to many golf victories. Golf is my favorite sport and I know I have to practice more and more to get better... "


Jackie Sweeney, Formerly Andover, MA
Stephen Soucy, Chelmsford, MA
Brian MacKenzie, Lowell, MA
Griffin Brown, Hollis, NH
Liz Friel, Hollis, NH
Caitlin Barry, Lowell, MA
Jason Demitropoulos, Somerville, MA
Andrew Conway, Westford, MA
Ryan Harris, Carlisle, MA
Justin Harris, Carlisle, MA
Andrew Hoch, Westford, MA
Jake Cohen, Litchfield, NH
Kelly Sullivan, Bedford, MA
Jenny Ceppi, Bedford, MA
Kyle Gaudette, Salem, NH
Barbara Crowell, Westford, MA
Don Crowell, Westford, MA
Janice Carroll, Lowell, MA
Colleen Kaiser, Pelham, NH
Ken Kaiser, Pelham, NH
Cheryl Popp, Westford, MA
Rick Herrick, Nashua, NH
Bill Casagrande, Metheun, MA
Rick Moreau, Westford, MA
Albert Chap, Lowell, MA
Kris Coates, Lowell, MA
Chelsea Demers, Wilton, NH
Ricky Dichard, Manchester, NH
Christopher Gentle, Lowell, MA
Danny Kokosa, Hollis, NH
Brendan Livingston, Westford, MA
Kerry Dolan,Nashua, NH
Meg Watson,Nashua, NH
Nicole Boudreau, Andover, MA
Keith Micavich, Derry, NH
Rhonda Regan, Lowell, MA
Patrick Nager, Hudson, NH
Kyle Rafferty, Amherst, NH
Glen Searl, Nashua, NH
Mark Harrington, Nashua, NH
Jonathan Warneke, Nashua, NH
Tom Adie Jr., Andover, MA
Peter Lawlor, Chelmsford, MA
John Scott, Tyngsboro, MA
Kevin Scott, Tyngsboro, MA
Caleb Mitchell, Merrimack, NH
Chuck Donato, Westford, MA
Sarah Keating, Bedford, MA
Tim Manwaring, Keene, NH
Tyler Dejadon, Pelham, NH
Phil Richards, Lowell, MA
Tom Bond, Nashua, NH
Erik Honkonen, Groton, MA
Brian Fitzpatrick, Nashua, NH
Connor Young, Dunstable, MA
Zach Dhionis, Groton, MA
Jeff McCommas,Dracut, MA

...And many more.

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