Golf Fitness & Performance Training

TPI Certified Golf Fitness and Performance Training Services, provided by Top Fitness.

TPI Certified Golf Performance Training Services

Physical Screening

We utilize the physical screening process used by Titleist Performance Institute to measure your bodies physical limitations. The findings on the screening are correlated to swing faults and will help us design a customized program for you.


A routine designed to improve your physical limitations base on your screen results utilizing isolated stretches and integrated movements patterns to improve flexibility needed for golf and joint health.

Rotary Power and Core Stability

The use of Medicine Ball exercises are to help improve the functional relationship of the hips, torso, and shoulders allowing you to store in release energy more effectively. Core Stability: exercises to improve the strength of the shoulder, torso, and hips decreasing the potential for leaked energy in your swing.


Proper development of strength can be used to help improve drive distance. We take a functional approach to strength training for the upper body, lower body and core making sure your routine and technique will enhance your game.


You will develop the proper work capacity necessary for golf to keep you from getting fatigued. You have worked on your golf skills for years; now its time to take your game to the next level to maximize your physical performance!

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TPI Certified Golf Performance Training Services

Each of our programs promotes safe, fun programs for adolescents, teens and adults. The TOP Fitness trainers are highly skilled and properly trained to teach effective techniques. Our goals are to improve and focus on acceleration/deceleration, balance, conditioning, coordination, explosiveness, flexibility, power development, regeneration, speed, strength, and more. »

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