Custom Club Fitting

At The Seth Dichard Golf School we strongly believe that the fastest and most effective way to improve your game is not only to improve your swing mechanics but to have properly fit equipment working in tandem. At our golf school we will provide not only excellent instruction but also excellent club fitting services and equipment evaluations to better serve you, the student.

Why is it important to the success of your game to get fitted by your instructor?

1. Who better to fit you for the proper equipment than the professional who is improving your game. After all it is your instructor who knows you and your swing tendencies best.

2. Since it is not uncommon for fitting sessions to include some instruction in order to help make the data become both more consistent and accurate, who better to instruct you than your own instructor.

The Seth Dichard Golf School is both qualified and certified!

Custom Club Fitting at Seth Dichard Golf School

When it comes to equipment advances the USGA has always believed that equipment should never become a substitute for skill. This is why the USGA has regulated nearly all aspects of club technology. No longer can manufacturers continue to increase the size of driver heads (460cc), and no longer can the spring-like effect of your driver face be increased (0.830 COR). The USGA has even put a limit as to how far off-center hits can go by regulating the Moment of Inertia (MOI) for the latest driver heads.

Custom Club Fitting at Seth Dichard Golf School

So what else can manufacturers do each year to continue to improve the products you play? The truth is becoming not much. However, there are still a few advances that manufacturers still have not completely tapped into such as the continued improvement of driver and fairway wood head designs and the latest adjustable drivers that now have the ability to be optimized to fit you.

Fortunately, there are other ways for all golfers to continue to improve their games. Good instruction, golf specific fitness and properly fit clubs will help to improve your game and maximizing your performance. Thankfully instruction, fitness and custom club fitting have become more effective now more than ever. With the latest technology such as our high speed digital video, improved launch monitors such as the GC2 and our K-Vest System, our instructors are now able to accurately recommend the right equipment for your game.

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